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Wednesday 28 June 2023

Funny Sibling Prank

 Once upon a time, in a little village, there lived a mischievous boy named Tommy. Tommy was always up to some kind of prank or adventure. One sunny day, he decided to play a trick on his older sister, Lily.

Tommy knew that Lily was afraid of spiders, so he thought of a clever plan. He went to the local toy store and bought a realistic-looking fake spider. Tommy couldn't wait to see his sister's reaction.

When he arrived home, Tommy carefully placed the fake spider on Lily's bed, right under her pillow. He giggled to himself, imagining how startled she would be. Then he ran to hide in the closet, waiting for the perfect moment.

After a while, Lily entered her room, tired from a long day at school. She flopped onto her bed and rested her head on the pillow. Suddenly, she felt something tickling her cheek. She opened her eyes and saw the big, hairy spider right in front of her face.

Lily screamed at the top of her lungs and jumped off the bed, sending the fake spider flying across the room. Tommy burst out of the closet, laughing uncontrollably. Lily quickly realized it was all a prank and started chasing her brother, determined to get back at him.

They ran around the house, laughing and playing, forgetting all about the spider prank. Eventually, they both ended up in a fit of giggles on the living room floor, exhausted from their impromptu game of tag.

From that day on, Tommy and Lily became the best of friends. They learned that laughter could bring them closer together, and they shared many more funny adventures together.

And so, the mischievous Tommy and his sister Lily lived happily ever after, making memories and filling their lives with joy and laughter.

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