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Friday 29 September 2023

Age Discrimination in Hiring: An Illegal Yet Pervasive Practice

 Age discrimination in hiring is a troubling issue that persists despite legal protections. While the law shields those aged 40 and above from employment discrimination, a 2017 Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco study revealed a stark reality: older adults, especially those aged 65 and beyond, face significantly lower callback rates after job interviews compared to their younger counterparts.

The insidious nature of age discrimination often allows it to go unnoticed and unaddressed. Victims may struggle to recognize it, while hiring officials may be oblivious to their implicit biases against older workers. This creates a formidable challenge in addressing and protecting oneself against age-based discrimination.

To help job applicants navigate this landscape, Marc Cenedella, a resume expert with over 20 years of experience, founder of Leet Resumes, and contributor to CNBC Make It, offers valuable advice on avoiding pitfalls that make you vulnerable to age discrimination during the hiring process:

Common Resume Red Flags:

  1. Phone Numbers: Be cautious about including a landline and cell phone number on your resume, as it can inadvertently reveal your age. Opt for a single, current contact number.
  2. Relevance: Keep your resume focused on the last 15 years of your experience. Older experiences, while valuable, may not be pertinent to the current job market. Summarize older experiences.
  3. Graduation Year: If you graduated from college before the year 2000, consider omitting your graduation year from your resume.
  4. Email Address: Use modern email providers like Yahoo or Gmail, as or Hotmail addresses may suggest you're not keeping up with current technology.
  5. Online Interview Platforms: When setting up online interviews, favor newer platforms like Zoom over older ones like Skype.

Tips for Interviews:

  1. Demonstrate Coachability: Address the perception that candidates with extensive experience may not be open to new ideas. Share examples of times when you learned from younger colleagues to showcase your openness to growth.
  2. Tech Savviness: Highlight instances in your career where you educated colleagues on modern technology. Emphasize your expertise in technologies that have been popular in the past five years, avoiding outdated tech software and platforms.
  3. Adaptability: Avoid mentioning old technologies during interviews unless you can illustrate how patterns from your experience with them can be applied to new technologies. This demonstrates your ability to learn quickly and adapt to change.

Age discrimination is a challenging issue, but by proactively addressing red flags on your resume and showcasing your adaptability during interviews, you can increase your chances of overcoming biases and securing the job you deserve. Remember, your skills and experience are valuable assets, regardless of your age. 🌟 #AgeDiscrimination #JobHunting #InterviewTips

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